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Sabrina Yeudall,

Lawyer, Mediator and Creator of Candid Legal

B.A., L.L.B.

Sabrina Yeudall can be retained for full service representation and also for assistance with the individual steps of a legal dispute.  She will explain the various dispute resolution process options available to you, such as negotiation, mediation, co-operation, collaboration and litigation to help you understand your rights and the remedies available to you.  She will discuss the costs and benefits of each of your options to help you make informed decisions. 

Candid Legal Law Corporation is centrally located in Nanaimo and has a team of skilled professionals to assist you. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your family or employment law matter.

Our Legal Services

Candid Legal - Family Law Lawyers in Nanaimo, BC

Candid Legal deals primarily with family law including areas such as separation and divorce, cohabitation agreements, child custody, alimony and spousal support and family property and debt. They also handle all aspects of family resolution such as mediation, arbitration and litigation.


As a practicing Nanaimo divorce lawyer and family mediator, Sabrina Yeudall is an experienced advocate for individuals going through changes in their lives.  Remember that the lawyer you choose can have a significant impact on how your family law file proceeds. 


We invite you to read more about our family law services, and about our commitments and approach.


If you're experiencing relationship difficulties that require legal assistance, we invite you to get in touch with us so that we may help you successfully navigate the Nanaimo family court system.

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