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Attorney Sabrina Yeudall, Candid Legal | Nanaimo, BC

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Sabrina Yeudall

Phone: 250.585.1595
Fax: 250.585.1599
Nanaimo lawyer Sabrina Yeudall is the founder of Candid Legal. She understands that the people who come to her are often experiencing one of the most stressful periods of their lives. Mitigating this stress is her goal, accomplished through an approa… Read More
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Gabrielle M. Clark

Gabrielle’s calm and measured demeanor is a valuable asset in the occasionally emotionally turbulent waters of family and employment law.   She received her law degree from the University of Victoria.  Her participation in the law facultyR… Read More
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Ian White

Phone: 250 585 1595
Fax: 250 585 1599
An approachable and good-humored presence in the office, Ian works diligently to find solutions for his clients. His resourcefulness and fierce dedication are valued assets at Candid Legal.  Ian grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. He studied at the Univer… Read More
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