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Ian White, BA, JD, Articling Student

Phone: 250 585 1595
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An approachable and good-humored presence in the office, Ian works diligently to find solutions for his clients. His resourcefulness and fierce dedication are valued assets at Candid Legal. 

Ian grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. He studied at the University of Ottawa, where he received a bilingual degree in public administration and environmental science. Ian received his law degree from the University of Victoria in 2017 and distinguished himself representing the University of Victoria at the Gale Cup Moot.  He is an excellent writer and a creative thinker.  

Ian has worked in both the public and private sectors.  Through his experience, Ian developed strong research skills and a dynamic approach to advocacy.  He has also volunteered on the executive branch of Pro Bono Students Canada and provided free legal information through Access Pro Bono. 

Ian and his fiance have made Nanaimo their home, and have secured a semi-rural place to live where they hope to keep many animals.  When he isn't in the office, Ian can be found running, hiking and otherwise appreciating the Vancouver island wilderness. Keeping active, Ian has a black belt in Go Ju Ryu karate and dreams of one day hiking Appalachian Trail. Though he may not look it, Ian is also a talented rapper.  He writes and performs long-form raps about legal concepts and interesting cases. 

If you want to see passion in action, ask him about Hamilton the Musical.  

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