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Child Custody, Guardianship

and Support Lawyer

Nanaimo Child Custody, Guardianship and Support Lawyer

As a parent, your focus is on the best interests of your children.  This is also the focus of the British Columbia Family Law Act, which states that decisions about children must be made considering only the best interests of the children. An over-arching principle is that any agreement or order must protect, to the greatest extent possible, the child’s physical, psychological and emotional safety, security and well-being.  At Candid Legal, Sabrina Yeudall is an experienced Nanaimo family law lawyer who has helped many mothers and fathers with child custody, guardianship, parenting arrangement and support issues.

Being Denied Access to Your Children?

What your relationship with your children looks like in the long term is often dictated to a large extent on what occurs in the period immediately after separation.  When one parent seeks to limit or control the other parent’s access to the children in the period immediately after separation, it is important for the parent who is being denied to take action. Otherwise, the denied parent risks seeing their children only a couple of days a month, and gradually being relegated to the sidelines of their children’s lives.

If you are being denied access to your children, contact us to find out how we can help.

Shared Custody and Decisions About Your Children: What to do if You Disagree

You do not lose the right to make decisions about your children, including decisions about where they will live and what will happen on a day-to-day basis in their lives, simply because you no longer live with the other parent. A parent who lived with their child is that child’s guardian, whether or not they continue to live with the child.  Absent an order or agreement stating otherwise, each of a child’s guardians should be consulted in all significant decisions about the children.

If you are not being consulted, or if you and the other parent are having difficulty agreeing on matters respecting the children, it is a good idea to seek legal advice.

Child Support in British Columbia

The amount of child support depends on whether the children spend more than sixty percent of the time living with only one parent.  In this scenario, the amount of child support is determined by the Federal Child Support Guidelines, and can be calculated here.

Where parenting time is more equally split between parents, i.e. because there are two children and one lives primary with each parent, or where the children spend less than sixty percent of the time with any one parent, the calculation of child support becomes more complex. If this sounds like your scenario, we welcome you to contact us for advice on fairly allocating the expenses associated with raising your children.

Contact an Experienced Nanaimo Child Custody, Guardianship and Support Lawyer

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Family lawyer Sabrina Yeudall at Candid Legal has helped many divorced or separated parents in Nanaimo and the surrounding Vancouver Island region resolve issues surrounding the custody and support of their kids. Contact Candid Legal for more information about how we can help you: call (250) 585-1595, or email, or fill out our online contact form.

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