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We wish to ensure the health and safety of all of our clients and staff.  Since the COVID crisis began, we've been working, but we have had the office closed to people outside of our immediate team.  As the lockdown is now lifting, we will be re-opening, with distancing modifications.

Effective June 1, 2020 until further notice.

The office will re-open for clients to come to the office by appointment only.  No drop-ins are allowed at this time. 

Generally, appointments will occur by phone and email primarily.  Where in-person meetings are required, they will occur in a distanced manner in the conference room and the room will be sanitized after each use.


When you are here, please be respectful of the office safety plan - an overview of our commitment is attached.


Please stand by the “X” on the floor to provide 2 meters of space between yourself and reception. As well, please provide 2 meters of space between yourself and all workers at the office at all times.

Please advise us if any of the following apply to dop so that we can re-schedule your in-person visit to our offices:

  1. You have traveled internationally within the past 14 days;

  2. You have any symptoms of illness such as a new cough, fever, sore throat, sneezing or a temperature.

  3. You have tested positive for COVID 19 either within the last fourteen days or if more than 14 days, the illness has not yet resolved; or

  4. You have been in close contact or share a household with someone who has tested positive for COVID 19 either within the last fourteen days or if more than 14 days, the illness has not yet resolved;




Safety Procedures



Cleaning and sanitizing:

  1. We provide hand sanitizer for client and contractor use when entering the office.

  2. We sanitize all areas before and after clients have been in the office.  For example, we will be sanitizing all pens/pencils, desk, counter space and any other office supplies that are used.

  3. We frequently clean shared office equipment like photocopier and fax machines.

  4. One person will be in charge of handling incoming packages and mail.  This person will ensure to wash hands and sanitize space once the mail has been opened.  If the mail is not urgent it will be left for 24 hours, as that is the lifespan of Covid-19.




We will communicate all changes and updates as soon as possible to our clients, suppliers and contractors.



Physical Distancing:


It is very important that physical distancing be maintained.


To assist clients in judging what 2 meters of distance looks like, we will physically mark appropriate boundaries on the floor.  There will be an “X” marked in the reception area for those clients that are dropping off or picking up documents.


We will also adjust our furniture and chairs to maintain distance requirements. 


We thank you very much for your assistance during this transition period and we look forward to gradually welcoming you back to the Candid Legal Offices. 

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