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Sabrina Yeudall is an accredited family mediator who has completed more than eighty hours of training as a mediator in addition to her experience as a family lawyer.  Mediation allows the parties to tailor an agreement to their specific needs and circumstances, and to maintain control over their lives instead of asking a judge to decide.

In mediation for divorce or separation, the parties hire a mediator who meets with them and helps facilitate the development of a separation agreement. A successful mediation will produce a draft agreement which each party can then obtain independent legal advice on prior to signing the agreement.

In some cases, parties are able to resolve all of their issues through mediation. In others, parties can resolve a number of issues through mediation, leaving only one or two issues to be resolved by an arbitrator or by the court. Resolving as many issues as possible through mediation can significantly reduce legal costs and reduce conflict between the parties.

Should you already have a mediator or be seeking an advocate to assist you, we can also provide independent legal advice on any agreement that results from a successful mediation. If you are considering mediation and seek assistance at the beginning and the end of this process, contact us to determine what assistance we can offer.  

For more information on family law mediation or our family law services, we welcome you to contact Candid for a consultation. Based in Nanaimo, we work with clients throughout Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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