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Sabrina Yeudall is an experienced Nanaimo family and employment law lawyer who founded Candid Legal to provide legal services within a framework of three commitments.  

1. Informing you continuously about the status of your file

When you work with us, you will be involved and informed every step of the way. We respond to all client communications within one business day. We send you comprehensive instructions when we need to collect information from you. At Candid Legal, we know how important your matter is to you, and we are committed to keeping you in control of the decisions that will affect your future.

2. Empowering you to make informed process and strategy choices

When you are faced with challenging transitions in your family or work life, many decisions are required, each of which could have far reaching effects. Our commitment to you is that we will help you make informed choices.

We will fully explain the various dispute resolution process options available to you, such as negotiation, mediation, co-operation, collaboration and litigation. We will provide you with legal advice to ensure you understand your rights and the remedies available to you. We will provide you with information on the various costs and benefits of each approach, and also our opinion on the approach that best suits your unique concerns.

We will also connect you with other professionals when their expertise is required, such as with qualified coaches and counselors where parenting and capacity issues exist, and qualified financial experts when property, debt, and ongoing financial obligations must be reallocated or reorganized.

3. Serving your needs in the most cost-efficient manner possible

At each stage of your matter, we will discuss the costs and benefits of each of the various process options available to you. We strive to avoid surprises and discuss proposed actions and their associated expenses before incurring them. We inform clients about ways they can provide materials and information to us that enable us to work with it efficiently, thus reducing the amount of our time billed to you. We strive to provide clear, detailed invoices and to provide them promptly. 

Candid Legal's workflow systems employ productivity software designed to make us more efficient. These systems also enable you to participate actively  in the more labour intensive tasks that can otherwise increase your legal expenses, such as the collection and organization of documentary discovery and financial disclosure.  We also strive to be paperless as far as possible, thus reducing amount of printing, faxing and scanning disbursements charged back to you.

We welcome you to contact Candid Legal for more information about how we may be of service to you. Based in Nanaimo, we also serve clients throughout the Vancouver Island region. Read what our clients have to say.

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