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Court Orders

In some circumstances, court intervention may be required in a divorce or other family law matter; for example, to ensure preservation of property and assets, provision of proper financial disclosure, and protection of personal safety. However, this does not preclude a move to out of court dispute resolution options such as negotiation and mediation once these discrete goals have been accomplished.

In cases where court action is necessary, Nanaimo divorce lawyer Sabrina Yeudall is a fearless advocate with experience attending Provincial and Supreme Court at all stages of proceedings from first appearance through to trial. She has successfully represented clients in all matters related to divorce or separation, including property divisionchild custody, access and mobility issues. She is experienced in matters where complex issues of child abuse, parental capacity and substance abuse arise. She has also represented parents in child protection matters.

If you need a strong advocate before the British Columbia courts — or are concerned about your rights or your children — please contact Candid Legal today for help. If you are uncertain whether litigation is required in your case, we can also discuss your other divorce or family dispute resolution options. Based in Nanaimo, we work with clients throughout Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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