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At Candid Legal, we understand that our clients who are facing a divorce or separation, decisions about the care of children, and the division of financial assets and obligations must make numerous decisions with potentially far-reaching impacts.  The uncertainty this creates can be quite stressful.  We work closely with our family law clients to provide them with the information, support, and resources they need to resolve their legal matters as quickly and amicably as possible.  Our three commitments to inform, empower and serve our clients structure all of the work we perform.

As part of our Nanaimo family law practice, Candid Legal will help you understand the law governing all aspects of divorce, child custody, guardianship, support, and the division of property and debt in British Columbia.  We will prepare you for informal discussions and formal mediations.  We will advocate on your behalf in negotiations and in court.  

Nanaimo lawyer Sabrina Yeudall is an experienced family law practitioner who has guided clients through a variety of dispute resolution processes, including negotiated agreements, meditations and litigation.  She can help you decide with process to pursue, and then help you optimize the results you obtain through the use of that process.

Through Candid Legal, Sabrina provides discrete (unbundled) and full service assistance in the following family law areas:

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Legal Separation & Divorce

At Candid Legal, we know that a contested divorce is the most costly way to end a marriage or a marriage-like relationship in British Columbia. In addition to the high financial costs, trials tend to amplify conflict and exhaust emotional resources.… Read More

Child Custody, Guardianship & Support

As a parent, your focus is on the best interests of your children.  This is also the focus of the British Columbia Family Law Act, which states that decisions about children must be made considering only the best interests of the children. An over-… Read More

Alimony / Spousal Support

Spousal support is a discretionary remedy in a British Columbia divorce. Payment is not automatic. It is a common misconception that spousal support will be automatic after a long marriage.  Another common misconception is that spousal support is u… Read More

Family Property & Debt

Generally, in British Columbia divorces and separations, each spouse is entitled to one-half of all family property and is liable for one-half of all family debt. Despite this deceptively simple equal division principle, not all property qualifies a… Read More

Family Resolution Process Options

The British Columbia Family Law Act came into force in March 2013. It places a much greater emphasis on out of court dispute resolution options than did the previous law. Parties are encouraged to resolve their disputes before going to court, and th… Read More


Sabrina Yeudall is an accredited family mediator who has completed more than eighty hours of training as a mediator in addition to her experience as a family lawyer.  Mediation allows the parties to tailor an agreement to their specific needs and ci… Read More


In family law or divorce arbitration, the parties hire a mutually agreed upon third party who is family law practitioner with at least ten years of practice experience who has also qualified as a family law arbitrator. Arbitration has long been the d… Read More


In some circumstances, court intervention may be required in a divorce or other family law matter; for example, to ensure preservation of property and assets, provision of proper financial disclosure, and protection of personal safety. However, this… Read More

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a no-court, non-adversarial process where parties work with a specially trained team of collaborative lawyers, divorce coaches and neutral financial experts to reach an agreement. Parties sign a participation agreement in whi… Read More

Cohabitation Agreements

The redesign of family law that occurred with the British Columbia Family Law Act recognized the changing nature of marriage and marriage-like relationships. Many people are marrying later in life and bring significant property (and in some cases deb… Read More

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